Narrow Gabion Fences

Narrow gabion fences, made of 2D panel mesh are attached to intermediate fence posts and additionally connected to each other with spacers. They are filled with stones.

Narrow Gabion Fences

Ožja kamnita ograja je izdelana iz 2D panelnih mrež, ki se pritrdijo na vmesni ograjni stebriček dimenzije 120 x 40 mm in so med sabo še dodatno povezane z distančniki. Uporabite lahko poljubno polnilo po svoji izbiri.
Narrow Gabion Fences
Gabion Fences

Gabion Fences

It is a massive stone fence made of 2D panel mesh, connected by a spiral and filled with stones.
We are experts in the manufacturing and assembling of all types of metal fences, from 2D and 3D panel fences, to stainless steel, gabion and decorative fences. We also take care of the complete design of your home by installing courtyard doors and ramps.


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Possibility of mounting on foundation screws

All panel fences are mounted on foundation screws, which, in addition to the superior design, also enables a possible relocation or dismantling of the complete structure.

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We are one of the largest providers in Slovenia in the field of panel fences, patio sliding and swinging gates, automatic ramps, canopies, motorised drives and many other products. We provide services with our own machinery and our own team of assemblers. We follow the latest trends in the industry and provide our employees with additional training.

Quality Suppliers

Sodelujemo z vrhunskimi evropskimi dobavitelji, proizvajalci panelnih ograj ALFA FENCE, ter raznimi drugimi, kot so TAU - za motorne pogone, ter FAC- okovje, ali zaščito transportnih poti – Boplan.

Full Warehouse

In our warehouse we always have most of the items from our range in stock, which allows us to offer very short delivery times. With our own assemblers we can ensure fast and quality installation of our products.


We are experts in manufacturing and one of the largest Slovenian providers of metal and stainless steel fences, patio doors, canopies, stairs and individual parts of the structure for fences and patio doors. We ensure the highest quality of products and services with our own team of assemblers and own machinery, a warehouse with a large stock and cooperation with the best European suppliers, who even equip airports, customs areas and border crossings with their products.

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